January 12, 2007

i wanna nother lil app - followmethere

I want a lil follow-me-there app that knows where i am online -- oh she's logged in to myspace, flickr, and twitter right now, for example -- and there's a little widget at the top of my blog that lets you follow me there WHEN I'm online this place or that or have done something new there.

caveat: this probably already exists and i don't know about it. so tell me.

Okay sure you can subscribe to places where I am but for crying out loud I just don't do it for folks I want to follow around, and then two months later I say, "man i haven't kept up with so-and-so for two months!" and I get all sad and disillusioned with the state of the Net, whereby I often lose my temper and piss someone off, and the cycle begins again.

Ah, life!

Like you, I am dis-integrated into so many spaces online -- my myspace page, twitter, allied, blogsisters, blogher, jeremy's blog, kat herding comments, flickr, bubbleshare, Kaneva, Skype, Yahoo IM, even facebook and orkut (though i am rarely online there), google docs, jsessum.com, jeneane.net -- i mean how many RSS feeds would it take to keep up with where I am and what I'm doing/saying/sharing? And why would you want to go through all that effort? I don't even know my own feeds for what I do/say/publish in all of those places. I certainly don't keep up with myself. I am a ball rolling down hill. I am a leaky swimming pool. Help me.

I need a whole aggregator just for me to cure my Internet Dissociative Identity Disorder (I-DID)

Why can't you just subscribe to "follow jeneane" and you trek along on my magic carpet via links or some avatar with a flying broomstick?

Only you should probably think of doing this with someone a little more interesting than me. Like Doc. :-)

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