January 07, 2007

So I'm only slightly panicked, google.

....that all of my archives are 404-ing.

maybe it's temporary.

maybe i'm fucked.

funny you know--in the era of Web2.0, legacy users are a burden rather than a blessing.

We are the grandparents of your user community--we birthed babies who have birthed babies on your platform. And yet, because we have lived several thousand lifetimes in posts, we have outlived our usefulness, taking up too much space, tangled in technology that's several revs back and nearly unsupportable.

With the focus on adoption and acquisition, web 2.0 users who stick with a company are not rewarded; we're baggage. We clog up the works with our megs of content and broken links and reliance of features from Christmases past.

We are too smart to be snowed, too demanding to be avoided, too connected to be silent.

We require a whole different language and resource base inside the organization--we are a support drain, an unwanted expense, a headache for resources that should be doing more important things--like adding the latest, coolest, newest features.

In an era when new sign ons = $, existing users -- customers -- are just a hassle. Where's the iceberg--let's set 'em all afloat.

I wish I thought that it was going to come back to bite them in the ass. You know? I wish I believed that.

But I don't. I think we're reaping what we sewed.

Back on topic: I hope my 27 years of archives come back.


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