February 17, 2007

Google Tries the Eminent Domain Trick on Polish Poets

What would marek do?

The Guardian reports that Polish Poets are being hounded by Google's law dogs because they own the GMAIL.PL domain. The AP story says that the "Grupa Mlodych Artystow i Literatow," or Group of Young Artists and Writers -- told AFP that Google had turned to the country's IT and telecommunications tribunal to try to stop them using the Web site address www.gmail.pl. Profy points out the Irony of Google attempting to squash a website by a group of Warsaw-based Poets. Who better to stand up to the Google behemoth. The pen is mightier than the buck, after all.

Google has launched legal action once again, this time against a group of Polish Poets! How's that for coming down hard on the little guy? In the press release Google is evidently trying to get the money hungry, robber baron poets to give up their Internet domain name gmail.pl.
I used Google's language tools to try to translate one of the poems at GMAIL.PL into English, but the closest they had was the Russian Beta--no-go. So I used Poltran.com and got a little closer to translating this one:

..."That really, you do not exist because by no means ordinariness is mismatch for which (who) only yet. does not happens moment: ordinariness daily, ordinariness such happens usual me, repeatable full same words, gestures of same time of meals and hours of work. Daily, ordinariness of I warm coat habituation (acclimatization) otula, I can be hidden in which (who) and I can imitate, that does not have I. Daily, probably, otherwise, there was for day before yesterday so today be, does not have ordinariness, nothing does not happens by turns. Moment is ( when all my bank notes have entered to your property when all my plates (discs) become your favorite when all my temples have been earned by you splądrowane. Moment is when old photos wyblakły when old letters (lists) have burned when old phone numbers have lost relevance be become needless moment panic when you stand before I such usual and moment from appearance (pretence) in which (who) daily nothing even not say only pull down established order event time is ordinariness places and ) maybe however, only ...a?

Okay, not a perfect translation, but you can see that it really is poetry. potentially GOOD poetry.

I'm with the Poets on this one. Google should have offered to buy the domain, paid the price for their oversight, and gone on. There is no "Eminent Domain" law on the Net. There are a lot of lawyers and even more brand paranoia though. Which means the end result is often the same.

Little Guy - 0.

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