May 05, 2007

y blog?

ya'll may have readers and admirers and butts in conference seats. But I have brothers and sisters.

And in other news, the hamster's awake and eating. He is currently challenging Madame's hamster for the longest life award. He is the father hamster who saw his wife eat 13 babies, the father hamster i mistakenly thought was the mother hamster and put him in the cage with the babies for an entire day, which is why they never got nourishment and when I switched parents, the mother ate them. The second round of kids went better. No one got eaten that I know of. But the father and one of the son's did get into a pretty big fight one time and the old man kicked his son's ass. This hamster's lived so long (for hamsters that is) that I don't even remember his name. I think he's the original Marshmallow who became Max when we realized he was a he and not a she. That was after the 13-hamster-baby-parent-gender-mixup snafu.

Sometimes things don't turn out like you thought.


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