May 05, 2007


I first saw simplyhired back when they launched the site, had a brief email exchange with the folks there based on my support for the site, and thought it was both powerful and easy to use--the first and best among lots of aggregated job sites to follow.

I wrote about simplyhired a year ago, thinking that a large enterprise might snap it up or at least partner with this kind of site rather than continue to lose valuable employees from the drain of attrition THROUGH these kinds of sites. Mighta been smart. But the Web is smarter.

Simplyhired had an odd effect on my own freelance business. A year or so ago, when I was worried about enough work coming in to pay the bills, whether or not I could continue to make it sans corporate job, I'd search on simplyhired and ease my mind: there are jobs out there. That knowledge--fooling myself, reassuring myself, playing mind games with a half-loaded deck, whatever you want to call it--actually helped me hold out and stay focused on building my own business.

I'm not out of the woods on the worry front. One half day at a time. But simplyhired, in an odd way, kept me on course, for better or for worst, through it's incredible database of jobs I didn't have to take.

We learn from TechCrunch that Google may be looking to acquire simplyhired. Say that three times fast.

As Google becomes THE source of support for the global virtual enterprise of miscellaneous, loosely joined workers, the acquisition makes sense. I hope it works out for the simplynhired folks.