June 09, 2007

half way to 90

Can I just say that you guys are the frigging best? I am now just a few tenspots away from my new macbook, and am carefully weighing things like: should i get applecare? should i get the extra memory? do i need Office for the mac to swap .doc files with my clients who are PC strident? And please tell me track changes work in Word when passing .docs back and forth... Stuff like that.

In the mean time, I am overwhelmed and remain blown away by the response to helping me make the switch at a time when, well, life has been a bit challenging. Thank you all so much--for every email, every prayer, every good thought, every everything you have all sent my way.

And the special presents today... for the girl who has everything... like this:

and this:

I mean really. Do people who don't use the Internet get stuff like this for their birthdays? I say NAY! No they do not.

Well, I hear the scotch tape dispenser tearing away downstairs, which can only mean that Jenna is putting up birthday signage to make my day. I have an incision to clean, a breakfast menu to review, and blessings to count.

thank you all


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