June 07, 2007

Bloggers Power the Mac Switch for Fellow Blogger

I am blown away. officially stunned. dizzy. nearly speechless.

As of this morning, I am a few hundred dollars away from my new Mac. Yesterday it was out of the question. Two days ago I took a post-surgical walk through the Apple store at Microcenter thinking: no way could I do this. Instead we bought a $9.99 hard disk recovery tool, which succeeded in recovering precisely four files before my old acer drive made noises that scared even Jenna. It now has a safe resting place on the shelf in case we ever need to send it off for full-$cale data retreival.

Then you guys. Happy birthday laptop fund paypal emails in my inbox. I'm like, HUH???!!

Today I'm on the online Mac store looking at my future laptop, and asking questions of other mac bloggers 'bout glossy or matte and how Office works on the Mac.

Your generosity is overwhelming. George's jaw dropped when I told him this morning that we're close.

We are 2 mouths agape.

And the other way you say agape works here too. love.

Thank you everyone.