June 09, 2007


good birthday finds:

no pasa nada - loving her.

Found her through Neil who gave me a piece of birthday cake on facebook. And i just gotta say teehee to this.

You know, facebook has just outdone the other popular social spaces by a mile -- except that they don't integrate the music-band component as successfully as, say, MySpace. They don't need to though. The NEW facebookers - the people joining and accelerating their use in the last month -- are heavy social web users who will play with facebook regardless of its lack of social music stuff. The open apps will keep it interesting.

Maybe apps will be added on that let us attend virtual concerts in facebook--the kind that will beat the crap out of second life's avatar-based shows AND MySpace's "events" which are nothing more than announcements (when they could be.. well... events!) Anyway - kudos to facebook. I'm having fun there.

I haven't opened my aggregator in a month. I'm on strike. I don't think i'll be using RSS to keep up with folks. I'd rather follow my nose through summer. See who leads me to whom. Spend time on my favorites and my brand news. Update my blogroll.

Jenna made me the most precious pillow for my birthday. She hand stitched and stuffed it. it is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU! soon i will have my own computer and i'll take pix again.

I lost all of my pix that aren't on fickr except for about 40. I mean I think I lost 500 or more pix that were on that hard drive. I try hard not to think of that.

George and Jenna are taking me out to dinner later. I think I will have steak. I will pepper it with Echinachea to try to make this stinking incision heal.

Yes, I will see the doctor Monday.

Thank you all again. I will keep saying that.



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