June 15, 2007

My Brand! My Brand!

Well, I may be the first and best customer for the pill that's going to muck up my hard-earned, if not exclusive, online brand -- shared with a well-known moving company of course. New FDA-approved, non-prescription Alli (minus the ed) is set to hit shelves, looking to shrink waist sizes by ensuring that ingested fat pours out of us along with painful gas and diarrhea. Sign me up--I've had those symptoms for a while now and I'm looking for a win-win. Why cure IBS when it can work for you!

The down side that the drug is all-but-guaranteed to become popular, making Alli (pronounced AL-eye) a household word, leading to odd looks and the occasional high five when I say my blog's name outloud. "Yes, I blog at Allied."

I can always pronounce Allied the way Jenna does. She has always said: "Allied, it rhymes with Salad."

And with Salad, we've come full circle.


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