June 14, 2007

The Hypocrisy of Blogging

Thank you, Shelley for keeping me in the loop. I try not to read hypocrites these days, and yet, I find that the blogosphere is ripe with them.

Coincidentally, I find that I feel better when I embrace the positive and avoid their negative spinnings for fun and profit. (This is a lesson they taught me! Simply ignore what feels icky!) Besides, it is often difficult for me to follow 'whim of the day' link-baiting opinions penned by Technorati's Top Turncoats. Especially when they are poorly written. And they usually are.

However, allow me a moment to celebrate victory.

Today, on the birthday of my Husband, friend to women and 23-year friend to me, I celebrate the death of victimhood among women. I celebrate those who dare to write words on a publishing platform and push "publish."

WOW we really HAVE overcome! We should each one of us consider ourselves Heroines 2.0, righteous fighters of a New Battle! Leaders of a new Land! We who DARE to travel to conferences that are PROMOTED in advance--never knowing who might want to follow us there and maim us. BRAVERY! HEROICS! PASSION! PRECISION! AIRSICK BAG!

How brave are we women who live online! O! Ye of mighty force, shes who dare to tell the world where we are and what we are doing! O! Victory for feminism! Glorious freedom--the battle we fight in blogs and on twitter.com every day! HURRAH! All of the women who have gone before us owe US their gratitude for pushing the battle for equality forward into TEH new age!

I am SO inspired. Totally.