October 29, 2007

And that goes double for Jeremy

Marketing Roadmap asks, and Kat Herding speaks, in comments.

Kat Herding and Jeremy Outerbridge will long live on in our hearts, but when the photographer whose photos we purchased/licensed decided to threaten legal action over the matter (even though I believe the photos were technically used for purposes under which they were licensed), the fact is that we gave up. At the time we were, uh, slightly engaged in other crises of magnificent proportion. So we both tore down our identities, and some of the most creative alter-blogging in the blogosphere went see-ya-later-bye.

At least no animals were harmed in the making of the Kat Herding Media management team.

So that's the story. Now even my emails from those golden days are gone.

With so much frustration so frequently, why do we stay here?