October 28, 2007

The Horror - My Incoming Gmail Mail Is Still Gone

I really was hoping -- nay praying -- that when I woke up today, my inbox would be as full as it was, and the losing of mail going back to 2004 would have been just a glitch in the system.

Not so.

You are currently using 43 MB (0%) of your 4463 MB.

I was up to almost (30%) percent full yesterday.

What I do still have are chats going back to 05 and some sent mail dating back to 04. I haven't sorted it out yet to see if sent mail is all there. Honestly, I'm afraid to look too closely. But suffice it to say that the 1700 messages in my "All Mail" folder don't represent the thousands of emails I had before whatever happened happened.

Mail HAS shown up in my Sent Mail folder since yesterday. When the bomb went off, all folders were empty, including trash, sent, spam, and inbox. I don't know if everything is back in my sent mail. There are 900+ messages. Something tells me I've sent more than that. But I'm HAPPY to have what I have.

All Mail seems to be a combo of chats and sent mail.

Inbox - nothing. nothing other than the mail I've gotten between yesterday's loss and and right now.

And I was in the middle of a big project with very important emails going back and forth.


How can Google not have an archive function that lets us save mail to our hard drives?

I never even saw the "archive" button until yesterday. never thought about clicking 'select all' and archiving important mail.

I figured--it's Google. What could go wrong?

A lot.

SO, if anyone knows who I can call or email at Google about finding my incoming mail between 04 and yesterday, I'd sure appreciate it.

and, by the way, share your backup techniques with your friends if you have any.