November 02, 2007

got my rx reading glasses today

Jenna (as you may remember, she's 10) and I got our first pairs of glasses on the same day. I believe that means she has her FATHER'S vision genes. ;-)

I'll try to get her in front of the computer tomorrow. Blessedly, she is asleep. She looks cute as a bug in hers. Two pairs for $99. Oye, moneymoneymoney. Tres ick.

Alert for the uninsured: Doctor's Vision Works exam is cheaper than Walmart's. $39 at the vision works place. $55 at Walmart.

Helllo. They have a reading-glasses sale (custom) for $29. That's pretty good. AND I got my glasses in a-bout-an-hour.

It's weird -- I can really see now when I look at the computer. And all this time I thought it was Stripping News. I wonder why I never saw any T&A.