November 11, 2007


A Veteran's Day "Happy Birthday" to two of my favorite Net Vets:

Chris Locke, aka RageBoy, who turns the big SIX OH MY GOD.

And JP Rangaswami, who turns the big FITTY CENT.

For the men who have everything, I really wanted to get you one (or two as it were) of these. However, as it also were, a vacheron-constantin is not currently in my budget.

Who am I kidding the thread on the band is not currently in my budget.

And so instead, I do what any beer-budget-blogger would do, which is post a fancy picture of the gift they'd like to send if they were someone else--someone probably too busy and stinking rich to be spending time blogging.

So with that, I send my gratitude, love, and wish that you have a great TIME on your birthdays.