November 15, 2007

Old Media May Not Be Dead, But Traffic From It Is

I am finding it so fascinating to watch the limited number of visitors stopping by here from the article on gmail that appeared in PC World, Infoworld and Computerworld. (all your world are belong to us.) I assumed I'd hit a "techcrunch-link-like" spike in traffic today since my blog was linked in the article.

But what I'm finding is that my technorati tag for "pink eye," and google search result for "free hamsters," bring more people here than a link from three of the biggest computer industry pubs of my generation.

freaky, no?

[[update, infoworld is starting to deliver some traffic--still, odd how little.]]

You know, if it were Mike or Robert or Jeff Jarvis quoted extensively in the article, the appropriate bloggardly wagons would have already been circled, the article heavily linked to, and it would be on Techmeme right now triggering an important discussion about enterprise 2.o, the future of the desktop, what an ASP 2.0's responsibilities are, what SMBs need out of web-based apps, etc.

An observation, not an indictment.