November 10, 2007

the other side of the coin...

I was involved in an incident on ze internets sometime back (seems like just yesterday) in which I was deemed an asshole for what was ultimately my human inability to pay apt attention to too many things at once, including things I was supposedly involved in but gave only a cursory rat's ass about.

Not to compare the Beatles to Jesus here, but I actually feel for Om (who is in pain) and Mike (who's job is not to confirm speakers for a conference) for taking a beating about not showing up at a blogging conference because one of them was not well and the other had no concrete plans to be there. Emails exchanged are not a confirmation. If I were booking either one of these guys for a conference, I'd have more than a few back-and-forths before I'd stamp them on the agenda.

There may be a great bunch of things unknown here, but the thing I do know is that a woman vlogger stepped in to fill the spot on the panel, and I don't know her, but as expected, the typical 'she was much hotter/easier on the eye/cuter/sexier' than Arrington or Malik has begun in earnest. I wonder if she actually contributed anything to the conversation?

Not that THAT matters at a blogging conference.