November 04, 2007

Pass on the Pasta, Bring on the Burger

As a card carrying member of the New Media, I, from time to time, get books in the mail to review. I've started saying SURE to press releases offering books I think might be useful. I call this the cheapskate's guide to Holiday shopping!

I recently received The Diet Detective's Calorie Bargain Bible, by Charles Stuart Platkin to review. I have to say, the little 400+ page book is FULL of calorie counts for just about every food under the sun, including fast food joints, holiday meals, supermarket options, and more.

Meals with all the calories you should eat in a day include Ruby Tuesday's Colossal Burger (1,943 calories). You'd think the Fresh Chicken and Broccoli Pasta would be healthy, but it weighs in with 2,061 calories-- what the average person should eat in an entire day.

With more than a thousand calorie 'bargains', Platkin's book is a handy resource for getting the best calorie bang for your buck.