April 19, 2008

I listen to the new sound of BBF!

George and I were strolling down AM radio memory lane from our home towns tonight - what a cool cool site for taking you baaaack. If you grew up in the northeast, you'll probably find your old favorite radio station here.

This one reminded me of the old radio FREE advertising tactic (okay maybe a couple of promo tickets to a concert, but no ad agency required) of getting the audience to answer their home phones with an ad. I remember when I spent a week or two answering our home phone "I listen to the new sound of BBF!" in hopes of winning something from WBBF. "You never know when we'll call, so answer your phone that way every time. If we call you, and you answer 'I listen to the new sound of BBF,' you win!"

Lots of radio stations in our area adopted this cheap WOM ad tactic, though few of the families in my neighborhood would dare answer the phone with anything other than a proper 'Hello?' Polite phone voices were the "in thing" before SMS.

BBF never called me. But I think that bringing back the retro ad tactic of answering your phone with a slogan is worth a try. SO the next time you call me, don't be surprised if I pick up the phone and say, "I'm voting for Obama!" And you know what I win... We all win.