April 15, 2008

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Re:Favorite Electric Bass Players
Sunday, February 05 2006 @ 08:02 AM CST

In no particular order, my fave bass players:

Geddy Lee
Marcus Miller
Joel Johnson
George Sessum
Mark King

Mark King of Level 42 is awesome. Geddy Lee is going to be on most people's lists. Marcus Miller is maybe pound for pound the best, most versatile bass player ever. George Sessum is a jazz great who I used to see perform every weekend in the jazz group Cabo Frio. George is one of the best funk bass players EVER and I saw him in little clubs that I snuck into underage. He is unbelievable. Joel Johnson is a great bass player no one probably knows - I played with him in a band in college. And I include Flee because I love his playing - though I'm a casual fan - I only have two RHCP albums.

There are more players I like, but those are my faves.