October 10, 2008

The Corporation Pwnd - Silver Lining 3.0

THIS my, fellow soldiers, is the Official End of Business as Usual.

THIS is the moment where loosely joined independent workers will change how business is done.

THIS has been 10 years in the making. It will not be easy - but it will be transformative.

THIS is the rightful skewering of the bloated corporation, the bleed of the overstuffed startup.

YOU are the new upstart.

Get started.


jonhusband said...

Go upstarts go ... use your hyperlinked brains.

Maybe "knowledge is power" after all ? Horizontally hyperlinked people with hearts and consciences who think about things may be able to create and use knowledge purposefully so that we all can live together, and prosper, in more intelligent and care-full ways ?

Such a dreamer am I, eh ?

Anonymous said...

hmmm corporations aren't bad... or evil, yet you are portraying them as such...

this financial craziness will be over soon, it's just people's emotions taking over.