September 22, 2002

Answer Song: Let Us Purge

Yeah, brother forgive me, Marek, I've consumed too. Consumed and watched others consume this poison culture, out there, not in here, yes in here too, skinning me raw, making me consume poison, the poison we're fed all our lives, from parents who consumed, and who consumed us, and now I am so full of emptiness, I need to consume some more until I have stuffed so much consumption so far down I feel very full of empty, and so then what do I do? I am power; I am unconsumption; I purge. I vomit sleek tall runway models and bulging musclemen from my gut, puke them on the floor, Disney soft porn drips from my lips, tastes sweet going down, bitter coming up. I shake from 4/4 rhythms in the key of C until bile bubbles up from the pit of my stomach, burns my throat on its way out, unconsuming sexy sleek brainless mindless realfakeworld people that fuck so good, drive shiny new cars that hurt my eyes. I am purging them, vomiting scrap metal and lingere onto my tile floor, a heap of consumption unconsumed, until I am empty but so full.

Thank you. That felt so good.

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