October 15, 2002

dictionary.com, add this one

Tom Matrullo has the best definition of blogs I've come across yet:

"Blogs are extensions or representations of individual selves, which enter into relations of esteem, commerce or criminality."

Don't miss his take on bloggers on the take.

I wish I were a blogger on the take.

Better than wishing I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner. Although, if Oscar Mayer wanted to sponsor this fine blog, I'd be happy to throw some weiner mobile icons on my archives page. Oh okay. I'm lying. I'd run over to the kosher Hebrew National folks jack-rabbit fast and tell them why they should sponsor me for $100 more, thereby solidifying a relationship with the sponsor whose product I always choose and sharing the good news about some really good weiners with my friends. In other words, Utopia.

Does that make me a bad blogger? Or a good weiner? Or Dave Winer?

I don't know.

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