November 06, 2003

I just future posted this to December 31, 2004--here's a copy for today. Consider this a beta test. ;-)

I just figured out that with blogger's future post, theoretically, we can post wahayyyy into the future. Say, December 31, 2004, which, since I'm writing this on November 4, 2003, is quite a few months from now.

It's playing with my head. This wondering will I still be here then (and I don't just mean "here" on this blog)? My goodness. How much will change between now and then, and do I really want to post THAT far into the future?

And so, I guess if I can say one thing into this black hole of blogging made possible by some funky new future posting functionality, it's don't forget love.

Don't forget heart.

That's what we came here for.


And happy 2005 everyone.