March 12, 2004


I've been working on getting untangled from these wires at home. Just got the t-mobile aircard which it seems can hook me up wherever I may be. Problem is, I don't have a working battery for this dell, but once I get that, I'ma have my home office on wheels.

Also grabbed a new sidekick. I jumped on the sidekick bandwagon early and have had my black-and-white sidekick since they came out, even after it took a 14 mile ride on top of my car and spilled onto a four-lane road, screen down, no worse for the wear. I didn't think the color sidekick would be much different, but it really is sweet. It's faster, brighter, with just enough upgrades to make it worth the buying.

Now I'm going through that dizzy spell I go through whenever I spend on new technology: Oh, what have I done? Oh, where am I? Oh, everything looks different--i'm so confused.

Just now, Jenna's little friend Maddy's over and they're building a pillow fort in the living room. Or, might be better to say they're building a pillow fort OF the living room. From one end to the other, no less than 10 pillows six blankets, seven stuffed animals, two cheeseburger happy meals (one no pickles, one extra pickles), a sprite, a diet coke, four sneakers, a footstool, a notebook, pens, pencils, and partridge in a pear tree.

Life is good.