June 26, 2004

Dave Can't Shut Up

On Scripting today, Dave links to a comment he left at Shelley's place.

No matter how hard he tries to revise history--just one of his many endearing habits--I maintan that it was the OUTRAGE not the "outage" that moved things, that required MORE THAN that nice little request from Dave, which appeared on the homepage of all weblogs.com blogs one day, to simply "leave your URL and sometime in July I'll get you your files, if you don't whine about it."


If no outrage, those folks would still be waiting.

Plain and simple.

Not an Outage.

An Outrage.

A deliberate shutdown without a second thought.

One that is now all better thanks to the men of technology.

The outrage encouraged the solution.

The FOD (friends of Dave) responded.

None of them bothered to answer Shelley's technical questions.

And why should they?

'Cause as we all know, a woman blogger's place is behind the camera.

Bite me. Bite me. Bite me.

Dave, go pack a box, take in a movie, read a self-help book. ANYTHING.

I'm done.