October 19, 2004

Outsource the Musak Too

My last three calls to Earthlink convinced me that they've followed the lead of so many corpo-losers and have outsourced their support operations overseas. Where overseas I'm not quite sure. The accent of my last three friendly-if-not-able-to-help-me representatives rings East Indian.

I think that corporations could do all of us a favor. If they're going to outsource the jobs to India, they should outsource the on-hold music too.

I don't want to hear weather channel smooth jazz while Reg talks to his "senior representative." I want to hear sitar, damnit.

The best business models are the ones that turn perceived defects into great assets. They deliver value where you don't expect any.

So instead of trying to hide the fact that Reg is really Raj, and that he's working in Bangalore not Atlanta, why not slap some Indian fusion on the other end of my receiver, tell me about great tourist spots and travelocity packages to Kolkata, and broaden my perspective as you get my website reactivated?

Or start a referral program. Have Raj tell me that his company is the best at what he does and offer me a referral fee if I refer one of my big clients to them and a deal takes place? Next thing you know, out of work IT guys become brokers -- a kind of sophisticated outsource pimp if you will (or e-marketplace as we once called it) -- hooking up good Indian support firms with low-to-no conscience American companies for an affordable transaction fee.

Want ideas? I got a million.