January 07, 2005

Sidekick Customer of 2 Years Says Bye Bye

You may, if you were traveling round this blog two years back, remember how in love I was with my Sidekick / Hiptop when it first came out. I was perhaps one of the best early spokespeople everyone never heard about. I even talked about the thing in bed. You could call it an obsession. I talked about it with other bloggers.

And how about the time I left it on the roof of my van on a 12 mile drive and it lived for me to tell about?

Those were the good old days. That was when I had my first-run, black-and-white, not-so-flashy sidekick.

Then I spent $250 for a new color sidekick and have been unhappy ever since. My "B" key hasn't worked for a long time. The SIM card shakes loose too often. And the general reliability and ruggedness isn't there anymore. Plus, frigging T-mobile can't give me reception in my own house. Or even in my own yard. Or on half my street.

Once upon a time, I was in love.

But now I've learned.

And I've started looking. Cheating some. And I think I found the one I want next:

The Siemens SX66 Pocket PC.


-OS: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition
-Unique slider design, QWERTY keyboard
-Connectivity: WiFi (802.11b), Bluetooth®, USB, and wireless data transfer via infrared interface (IrDA)

This beauty could change my life. With this baby, I think I could really get some work done by the pool this summer. Being able to run around with Jenna without being tied to timeframes and battery wires, being able to charge on the go, being able to do some work in the parkinglot of Big Lots -- this could make me, well, really really happy.

So much so that I spent a half hour on the lame Cingular sales line today trying to get one, only to find out they're still not there--or "backordered" apparently.

Okay bloggers--How can I get one of these puppies and be working from my purse within the next 30 days?

Better yet, How can I get COMPED on one of these puppies and be working from my purse within the next few weeks?

Bye Bye Sidekick. Hello Pocket PC/Phone. How's your "B" key hangin'?