February 09, 2005

Coming Clean

So, yes, that's what I've been so busy with. It would be interesting to say I've left the freelance life behind and joined Peachtree Street again, Big Wall Window and Virtigo View. (I said it would be "interesting," not "nice.") But that's not the case.

Essentially I'm doing my work in the same way as I have since leaving Ketchum--at one of three offices: King-Size Bed, Living Room Couch, Living Room Floor. The difference is that, in truth, more work was coming in than I knew how to handle, and at the same time, as synchronicity likes to work, Paul Mckeon was also looking to team up on something new, and as synchronicity would have it, my deacde-old-writing-mate from the pre-Ketchum (i.e. Crescent) days, Jay Tillinghast was interested in what we two good writers were up to, and the idea was born to join into a semi-formal organized informed by best and worst practices alike!

But don't get over excited. She's the same girl she used to be.

On the same king-size bed.

Right now.

Blogging for you like I write for them.

Except I get to swear here.

And I'm not changing that. Hell no.

But I will keep you posted here on how things are going with The Content Factor as we smash old business models in a single bound.

For more background, read our profiles.

Or Search google:

...where Paul's quoted a lot.

...And where I never shut up.

More soon....