November 28, 2006

Presto! Grandma Receives Tommy Lee's Penis via Email without a Computer!

Web 0.5 is here. Mike has the details.

Apparently, with this HP printputer and a service called Presto, helpful loved ones can set up the (probably older) people in their lives who don't own a computer to receive email as hard copy.

My first reaction was Mike's: EEEKS! Penis Spam!  But Mike says you have to accept friends (using... uh... a computer) before anyone can send mail to your email address. But that means you need someone else managing your friends, which is probably no big deal, except that it's another roadblock between the recipient and the communication. And it requires...uh... a computer.

But for people who are reticent to use computers themselves, or use them now but are sick of--or maybe they've been bilked by--ruthless creeps and their dicks--Presto's an option, and it's faster than snail mail.

Never mind spammers. Keeping salivating marketers from crawling directly out of the printer cartridge into grandma's waiting lap is going to be a lot harder to do.

The $10 per month for the service is probably a little more than most folks spend on stamps, but not much.

I predict good success.

I want to know what Ronni Bennett and Elaine think.

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