January 15, 2007

anti-social network for sale, and trig is more than math.

you can still get your bid in for self-proclaimed anti-social network site ruduzu at just under $4K, with 4 days remaining in the auction. Let's see, if 8 of us get together, that's $500 each....

The Lucky Winner gets a working site with 200+ users, traffic coming mostly from facebook.

This site is listed as a turnkey sale only because no ads have been placed yet. It is fully functional and is currently being used, with 250,000 page views per month.

More Stats: (as of 12/21/2006)
Total users: 235
Total annoyances: 4579
Total musings: 346
Total votes: 86005
Total comments: 3312

Everything is for sale. All of the code is included, and the right to manipulate it and use it for other projects. The back end is a PHP 5 object oriented application, with an easily expandable modular design. The site has a great interface with plenty of Ajax for logged in users.

Ruduzu looks kind of like a blogher + twitter for the terminally pissed off, with both genders represented and annoyances instead of twitters. It could be funny, but it'd need an overhaul. All in all, I hope they walk away with some money for a good parody, which is what the site started out as.

For a hotsy-totsy better looking social network (not for sale yet--well, not launched yet actually) get a load of Trig.com. See Mashable for a good review from the inside.

Hey Mikey, he likes it!

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