March 21, 2007

Bigger Than Twitter -- It's TWATTER!!!

on twatter, i show how i might as well have shoved $50 into an orifice instead of paying it to cingular to receive other people's dinner plans on my phone.


The web's newest solution to twittering is, not twattering, well maybe, depending -- but also UNCLEBOBISMS. Join those of us who know better but do it anyway. UPDATE 2 - never mind, it's gone, never posted there. I was doing time in the hospital instead. Yeah, I know. The fun never stops. Update 3: Let me be more specific -- I did not join or logon to uncebobism. I did not add myself to the blog. When i linked to the blog in this post, it had a witty post about twitter. By the time I got out of the hospital, the blog was gone and I had not read it in days.

For the record, the only group blogs I participate on are Blog Sisters and BlogHer. I started Blog Sisters in 2001. It is a blog I am now seriously considering ending. I have to ask some questions about blogher as well. I will be doing that this week.

Whose words are we a part of online--i am the words written here and in comments I leave. My group blogging experience has been part of what I do online that I think has been valuable since I started blog sisters in 2001. But I am no more than my own words. It comes down to that. And so I am currently looking at ways to end my group associations.

I can't believe it. Really. That I've come this far. This long.

I have always stood by my own words, what I've written here and on blogsisters and blogher and the attempts at humor on jeremy's blog. But this is the only place I control. The only place that's mine.

The blog world and group blogs are different now than they were when I started blog sisters. I am deep in thought. Those who know me know I am. For those who don't--I wish you did.