March 09, 2007

having the 3,040th most popular blog in the world is hard work

no... no actually, it's not. at least 3,039 people work harder than I do.

Did i mention dave winer was in my dream last night? That is just weird.

What Dave represents to me is quite complex and layered. Like fiesta dip, but different. I think in this case Dave was my guilt for not blogging lately, or my latent desire to quit, or my stupid outbursts online. I dunno. I think he represents my sometimes loud mouth. He represents not having to worry about money.

I'm trying to remember the whole dream, but the part I remember is that Dave came to visit, but it was more like my friend Audrey's house even though it was mine in the dream, and Dave looked kind of like Welcome Back Kotter's Gabe Kaplan, not Dave Winer.

In the dream, we got along. He took one of my monitors with him when he left--in my dream Dave Winer had never seen a flat screen monitor before. He had to have it. So I let him.

From what I can discern, the moral of the story is, don't eat tortilla chips before bed.