March 31, 2007

Just A Few Words

Regarding the Kathy Sierra fracas, after much consideration and silence on my part, I am beyond tired and beyond angry. I have been wrongly named and targeted, tied to death threats I didn't make and tasteless posts I didn't write.

Did I link to the blogs prior to the offensive posts appearing? Yes. So did a lot of other people in the blogosphere, because there was some brilliant writing there before the blogs wrapped themselves around a tree.

I'm now up to 681 hits on google with my name and "death threats" combined, have received emails from people saying they've gotten comments condemning them for linking to or advertising with this blog because “she has been involved in making death threats against Kathy Sierra,” which is not true.

As my family name is raked over the coals across the web and in mainstream press, I would ask those of you who decided to tie me to these threats to spend the time I just did sitting still, considering your own motives and assumptions.

There are layers and layers of important issues that intelligent people can tackle and use to make meaning out of this. I hope that effort moves forward.

To all of you who have demonstrated your support, I thank you.