May 16, 2007

just say no to equity lines of credit

Today I am happy to be an amerikan.

Because today I am not allowed to do this. And if I were allowed to do this, I probably would.

And if I did, I would probably like it, cause my big brother and I used to play penny poker and I can tell you it's in the blood--just try to walk jenna past the scratch-off card section of the mini-mart and you'll see. Second thought, don't you take my kid into a mini-mart. who do you think you are.

Either way, I think this would be way too much fun for me. I think I should go to Six Flags instead and shoot hoops at bottles to win a stuffed giraffe for my kid. The price would likely be the same, but at some point I'd have to actually LEAVE Six Flags.

Yahoo offering online for-cash poker is like Google offering online for-cash hookers.

Seems like search should stay search and not go looking for mini-transaction dollars off some poor sap like me except in other countries who might just get that penny-poker urge on a penny-poker budget with a Visa in the wallet.

I'm just thinking out loud here.