May 08, 2007

What's in a Name? SEO!

In the era of search-engine-optimized names, I inherited one -- my own -- that came pre-optimized back in 1962, when there was only one Jeneane Dimino spelled my way, and again in 1986, when there became only one Jeneane Sessum, spelled my way. And back then, there was no Google.

So what's my secret? First, a 9-year-old sister who was learning that "the first vowel talks and the second vowel walks" in school (hence the "ea") when I was born, followed by a husband with Island, French, and Native American heritage that makes for an unusual-in-america (without an "s" on the end please) surname.

Sometimes luck can beat Google.

[[bonus link -- searching on my maiden name brought me to this from my 1978 high school musical chorus appearance in Godspell. And what a great musical it was!]]