July 07, 2007

Pay Per Pownce

Well this is interesting.

Of course the need to belong has always been "monnnneeetizzzable" -- but marry ebay with invites to the latest social network Pownce, and you stand to gain a cool five bucks in cash as long as the market holds--which may be a matter of minutes or days, anyone's guess.

Bloggers tend to get all up in arms and holier than thou when this type of thing happens. They slam the service that has generated the sneaky sub-business. They slam anyone 'stupid enough' to pay the five bucks or a penny (or the current high $2.00 bid) to get in. And they who do so are usually the ones with the a sackful of invites.

Me? I say go for it. You wanna list em for sale? List away. You want to spend a dollar or more to get in, go for it. It's easy to game the system either way. It won't last long. But I love me some market ingenuity wherever it happens to grow, and however short lived.

BTW, first person to comment gets a free Pownce invite.

And for the record, I think it's the most interesting network to pop up since flickr because of the p2p aspect that flickr initially had (before it became a photo sharing site).


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