August 31, 2007

U-Haul, It Ain't the Company It Used to Be

Besty Devine describes a U-Hell of a U-Haul Rental, featuring a load of corporate cluelessness that boggles the mind. When the cops tell you to stay away from a business, I'd imagine that's one outfit to steer clear of (no pun intended, betsy!)
It totally quit when I got just 4 miles from the place where I rented it, blocking a lane of traffic on Revere’s busy VFW Parkway. I was able to pull about 6 inches of the truck’s nose into a store’s driveway before it stopped moving entirely. I will leave you to imagine the comments of other drivers, having to maneuver around my dead truck in traffic already bumper-to-bumper on a 94 degree hot and humid Saturday.

That just ain't right.


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