February 19, 2008

kill the man with the ball.

You know those moments, when you're using an analogy that you think will be universally understood -- at least, say, by your spouse -- and in the middle of nodding your head in that "yeah, right?" way you see their eyes staring at you with that, "Wha?" expression.

At that instant, you feel your words making less sense than you remember. You realize they have no idea what you're talking about. You question your own sanity--at least your own memory.

So then you test your contextual reference out on a friend to see if maybe you're crazy--if maybe you were the only one who played "Kill the Man with the Ball" as a kid.

I'm just sayin'.

Because tonight I was telling George something interesting and using the "Kill the Man with the Ball" game to illustrate my particular point, until I realized that he'd never actually HEARD of Kill the Man with the Ball, at which point I said:

You never played kill the man with the ball? Like never?

He was emphatic: No. I never played, nor have I heard of, "Kill the Man with the Ball."

Odd, no?

So then I asked a friend on chat--Did you ever play Kill the Man with the Ball?

Same answer. "Kill the Who? Uh, I played dodge ball?"

No, it's not dodge-ball.

So my question to you is have you ever played Kill the Man with the Ball, and if you HAVE, then you must explain how the game works in comments or in a post of your own so that I can tell if you're lying to make me feel better, or if you are indeed my homie.