February 06, 2008

Sprinkle, Swim, Just don't bail out of town this summer.

so explain this to me....

yesterday, a reversal of a covertly-made law between the army corps of engineers and Georgia's shady government that allowed us NOT TO SEND 25% of lake Lanier's water to Alabama and Florida was struck down. In other words, not only do we not have much water left, but we now have to pony up a quarter of the droplets we've been hogging and send it to our neighbors downstream.

or http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/06/us/06water.html

That news came yesterday.

TODAY sonny perdue our esteemed fuckgovernorasshole announced his new water conservation measures, which in effect RELAX the conservation measures he had in place to make sure we didn't all dry up and die. So, this summer, we can now fill our pools and even water our lawns (no sprinklers tho kids), and resume business as usual. Don't worry, be happy!


Can someone -- anyone -- explain this to me?

Is this a spin attempt to do damage control on yesterday's "Georgia has to give back water to Alabama and Florida" story so that people won't run away come May? Or is this a 'screw you' to Georgia's neighbors saying, you can have your 25% after we use it all?

Or is Sonny playing the Rapture Card, figuring by the time it matters, it won't matter?