March 20, 2008

No I Can't.

I've tried three times to register to vote since December, to no avail.

Call me Jeremiah Wright, but I'm beginning to wax conspiracy theory over here.

The first time I registered was at the Bartow County library when I joined (out-of-county residents pay a small fee for belonging, but it's a great library so it's worth it). The librarian asked me if I would like to register, back in December, and knowing I wanted to vote in the primary I said yes. For the first time in 28 years I would cast a vote!

Well voting day came and I spent hours, and several trips to several different locations, in my valiant effort to cast my vote.

I had to hand carry my ballot to a different location, and even visit the voter's registration office to get everything sorted out, and finally deposited it where I hoped it would make a difference.

I got something in the mail a couple of weeks later saying my vote didn't count.

They couldn't find my registration.

Well, thinking that my visit to the voter's registration office would finally get me entered into the system, I stopped worrying about it. But I still never received confirmation by mail that I was registered.

Then I went to my own county library a few weeks ago to renew my library card, and THEY asked me if I'd like to register to vote. SURE! I said, and again I registered my Democratic ass and handed it to the lady in hopes of finally getting registered.

Well, Senator McCain will be happy to know I still haven't made it into the system. No word from on high. No polling place. Just another lost Dem trying to do the right thing.

I'm not sure where to try next. Maybe I should just check the Republican box and see if it makes it through the process any faster.

Well at this point