May 06, 2008

I'll See Your Chickens and Raise You a Great Whore

Well, Hillary's non-church-goin' ways may come in handy after all as her two front-running opponents scramble to cover up their spiritual kins' view of the "Truth."

The NYT reports on Texas preacher Hagee, who would make no friend of the Pope I'll tell you, what with the Pontiff at the head of the Great Whore, which, in Hagee's view, has done little more than spill Jewish blood, from the Crusades to the Holocaust. Tit for Tat I always say.
Mr. Hagee, it’s true, did not blame the American government for concocting AIDS. But he did say that God created Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for its sins, particularly a scheduled 'homosexual parade there on the Monday that Katrina came.'
If God's grave wasn't empty, he'd be turning over in it.