July 08, 2008

This One Goes Out to Loren Feldman...

I just Love the Guys (FOFs - friends of feldman) who want to paint Verizon's dropping of Loren Feldman as a free speech issue, as though Verizon has somehow ripped Loren's content off of his own site or blocked our access to it. Puhleeease.

No, not quite Feldminions. It's a brand affinity issue.

You wanted the social media economy, the Arrington economy, with all of its mainstream trappings and mainstream glory and mainstream money? Then take your minstrel act to the mainstream grocery store and see how much meat it gets you.

Mike, you got your friend wires crossed on this one a long time ago.

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(*I would, however, put money on Winer having made a couple of calls. No one is better with that old-school tech weapon called the telephone.)


NOT to be missed: black people are lame, and black people can't get it together.

Hey LIGHTEN UP, right?