August 12, 2008

duncan's stalking my searches again.

How else would he know about this uncharted discovery on, which has released a bone-i-fied picture that proves once and for all big foot exists right here in an undisclosed North Georgia location?

How else would Duncan have come upon the same news announcement Jenna and I had just finished looking at because she has been on a big foot hunt lately herself, having set aside "Nessy" for the time being, and that we followed some youtube videos of bigfoot to just a couple of hours ago. (Incidentally, who knew THAT domain would be available -- the guy grabbed a goodun there, eh?).

Same guy that titled his JPEG image of one of science's most important discoveries in centuries "Thawed.JPG."

you know you're a redneck if...

ANYWAY, the point is Duncan friendfeeded this bigfoot finding and the news that the big foot hunters are taking their prey to Palo Alto for a news conference to show off their catch. ('Course they found him dead--but they always say that in Georgia. See, all you gotta do is drag him inside and it's legal).

And ANYWAY the point being dear daughter Jenna is now asleep not in HER bed but mine because she saw "Freezer Big Foot" thawed, and was grossed out to the point of nightmares.

So all this better be for real, and not a bear with his face shot off, or else someone other than me is taking a turn reading Molly Moon books as a bed-time distraction tomorrow night.