December 26, 2002


In 2003, can someone give me a handheld device geared to blogging? I want all the cool little blogging-related apps and a quick browser and maybe a little resident help tutorial on all the HTML codes I could ever want, and a really easy way to type my posts in wherever I am?

Maybe I'd want email too. But not necessarily. I don't want it to be complicated or mixed with extraneous MS Office crap or anything. I just want it to be small enough to fit in my purse, to be called something like blogpalm or another cool name that identifies me as someone who's so cool I blog. And I want it to be a cool color. Or colors.

It could have those icons on the sidebar where I can one-click my favorite blogs to read.

Will it let me save my posts until I connect later?

I want something small to take with me so I can blog anywhere and not be distracted by palm-pilot-like excess capability. I just want to be able to have a browser window for surfing the web, reading blogs, and a browser window to post in, and some blogging-related apps, and a way to preview my posts before publishing so I can see what my post will look like once I connect, later, if I'm not connected while I'm writing.

I will pay up to $499 for my new blogpalm.

Not that I have $499 to pay. I'd prefer to pay $99-$299. But I'd save up for it if it were $499.

Now, someone leave me a comment about how this already exists, and please include a link to a site where I can buy it.

As always and as if I had money,

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