December 28, 2002

a father daughter talk over Trouble

Mr. Rogers is on. Jenna and George are playing Trouble after finishing up a game of Checkers. Fathers don't always let daughters win. More fun is the conversation I get to spy in on:

Daddy: Did i tell you about the time I went to Mr. Rogers' neighborhood and I saw all the castles and trollies?

Jenna: Can we go there?

George: He's retired now. He's very old. He doesn't do the show anymore.

Jenna: He doesn't do television? Is that his home on there?

George: Do you still know where he lives?

Jenna: Where?!

George: Pittsburgh.

Jenna: Can I see, please?

George: There's not much left. It's far. Too far. It takes a day or two to get up there.

Jenna: I really want to go.

George: It's not my favorite place. It's in the hills. It always drove me crazy driving up and down those mountains.

Jenna: It's going to be FUN going up there! I LIKE going up and down the hills! Wee wee wee wee wee!!!!

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