March 09, 2003

Do you see what I see?

Every time I see the new Wachovia logo around town, I think of Halley.

No, hear me out.

Does this not look like a woman lying on her side in a green (and blue--the middle piece) bathing suit? (or should I say suitt?)

Halley, have you been moonlighting as a graphic designer? Victoria's Secret meets Financial Services? It has Halley written all over it.

If not, then what the fuck is it?

(p.s, yah, I'm stealing their bandwidth. wish it had some cash attached to it.)

And speaking of which, if we all like really really wanted to cause problems with a site, say, a site that some of us really didn't like, not that I would ever do this or even think that way, but would bandwidth stealing be a good way to do it? Say if a hord of bloggers were to link directly to a remote image on said targeted site, would we be heard? I'm just curious. You know. Scientific research stuff.

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