March 09, 2003

The dog almost ate the cat

This morning Jenna got up before us and decided to play a game--let the goofy dog in to play "tag" with the cat. I drifted in and out of slumber as I heard odd noises downstairs. It sounded chaotic, but it always does when she gets up. It wasn't until I heard Bando woofing up a storm that I thought I should investigate. He and Jenna were on top of the leather couch when I got there, the kitten hiding in the crevice between the couch and the stereo speaker. Bando, for his part, was poised to grab a mouth full of kittie. He's a gentle soul but thinks with his paws and mouth. Something about boxer mixes.

"Jenna, what are you doing?"
"We were playing king of the mountain."
"Where's the cat?"
Pointing, "Down there."
"Why is Bando in here?"
"He wanted to come in and play. We were just playing tag. He sure is a silly one."
"Get him off the couch. Get you off the couch."

And as they jumped down and ran up the stairs, the cat flew out of his hiding place after them. I think they really were playing tag.

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