July 09, 2004

RB Delivers

I commissioned Mr. Boy to create my personal totem, an image similar to those grafikal creations of his we've all come to know and love. Minus the porn.

I wanted my totem to brandish a threatening steamroller at the top (more on the steamroller later). Yes, I paid real money. Wow, what $15 can get you these days! (Note to IRS: We used Monopoly money.)

Mr. Boy accepted the assignment, but on further reflection decided that a Coat of Arms was a better backdrop for my steamroller totem. Leveraging the Coat of Arms from Pope Urban VIII (1623-44), and why not, he rendered me a beauty:

I will be finding a nice spot on my template to display my arms coat.

Now, some may be wondering, why a steamroller?

It's in the genes.

More on that soon...