July 07, 2004

Winer Watch

Dave continues to demonstrate he's wacked (is that better? I don't much care) with recent posts on scripting attempting to pick at his enemas, I mean enemies, while glorifying himself.

It is masterful work in projection from one who calls posses to dig up dirt on the women who dared to say "WTF, No You Can't", has stated that certain women are out in blogland fucking their way around weblogs.com, and has vowed to make sure those who have something to lose DO lose.

Today we see a kinder and gentler Dave, the new self-appointed Dr. Phil of blogland, wagging his finger at those who have in some way -- he's really going back a long ways now -- offended him. These people are HONEST about their world, not afraid, and have nothing to lose here by telling the truth. Dave can't get to those kind of people online because they have nothing to lose, and that drives him crazy.

Projection unmasked:

The Golden Rule comes before The Cluetrain Manifesto. If you aren't trying to treat people as you would like to be treated, you can't possibly do good, imho. You guys have taken a big detour, I think you've lost your way. When I first read the Cluetrain I was cheering, it was exciting. Now it's degraded and sick. Time for an intervention. Wake up guys, people matter. I still believe you're better than this. Much.

Yes, dave, what you said.