July 08, 2004

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow their house in.

News like this, from NY, makes me want to blow smoke at them. Cigarettes that put themselves out. Kind of like blogging a conference.

The question is whether the newfangled smokes can make a difference. Even with the special safety paper, a forgotten cigarette may burn for several minutes before going out on its own. And some smokers may try to defeat the law by buying cigarettes outside the state.

Then there's the potential added hazard to smokers, who may take more and deeper drags to make sure that they won't have to light up again. Still, if it's a choice between further endangering the people who smoke by choice or the potential victims of fires set by cigarettes, we'd opt for the former.

Yes, and if it's a choice between a live pig and barbeque ribs, I'm eating the pig.